Friday, October 22, 2010


Dear Family,
     This week was so awesome!  On fridays, after p-day, we go to a place called the TRC.  This is where we go and teach "investigators."  I wasn't very excited to do this, but it went really well. Now I'm kind of excited to do again tonight.  I realized that teaching is pretty fun.  Plus we study the material so hard throughout the week so it's cool to put it into action.
     On tuesdays, we get a general authority to come speak to us at our devotional.  They were pretty shady on who was coming which let us to believe it was gonna be someone big...  They were really secretive about all of it.  Then while we were singing and waiting before the devotional, everyone just stands up.  And they usually tell us that we only stand for The Prophet and the Apostles.  So, turns out Elder Nelson was there!  It was so cool.  He talked about missionary work... surprise, I know. It was really good though. It was so short though.  He only spoke for like 35 minutes instead of the regular 50 or so.  It was way cool though and we got so much information from him.
     Other than that, my week is pretty much the same as last week.  It was good.  But everyday is like the one before it.  It's way repetitive but that makes one week seem like one big day.  So really I'm only here for like 6 1/2 more long days.
     Today we went to the temple.  It's really cool to go with a bunch of missionaries. It gives it an even cooler atmosphere.  And we ate at the temple cafeteria again.  Its sooo good.
     It's so amazing how much we learn in 1 week.  It's way cool how much more I understand about the Book of Mormon and stuff like that.  I can't seem to put it down.  Also, spanish is coming really well.  I can almost have a conversation. (probably like talking to a 3 year old...) But it's really pretty fun.
     So I can't remember if I told everyone this, but 4 of the elders in my district are leaving on thursday for the Dominican Republic MTC.  I didn't think it would affect me at all, but I made really good friends with 2 of them. So it'll be a little hard. They are my favorites in my district.  But when we all get home,  they are both going to go to BYU, so that'll be good.
     I really don't have much more to say this week except that I love and miss you all! 
                            Elder Hoddenbach
P.S. I'm going to write letters to some of you this week and some next week.  I just don't have enough time to write to everyone... sorry.

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