Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello family,
     So this week has been pretty cool.  On Sunday, there were a bunch of missionaries in my zone that were leaving.  So sacrament meeting was really cool.  There was a really good musical number, and our branch president Shumway spoke.  He is a really awesome man.  He always gives the coolest lessons and talks and things.  Anyways, it was probably the most spiritual sacrament meeting I've ever had.  So I don't think I've told anyone about this... but every sunday, we have to prepare a talk for sacrament meeting.  It wouldn't be that bad, except that it has to be in Spanish!  It pretty much stresses everyone out.  But I guess it is a good experience or something...
     On sunday, we also got to go to a fireside that was really good, and we watched the Joseph Smith movie later that night.  It was a really fun/cool day. 
     On tuesday, Elder Scott came for the devotional!!!  We are way lucky that we got 2 apostles in a row.  It was so cool.  He promised a bunch of blessings to us and I could really feel the spirit.  I was in the choir, so that was really cool, so we got reserved seats and everything.  November is supposed to be a big month for Apostles to come here. 
     On Wednesday night, or Thursday morning... 4 elders from our district left for the Dominican Republic MTC.  It is weird now because there are only 6 elders in my district now.  But its weird because I didn't think I would care when they left, but I became really good friends with 2 of them.  So that's a big change that we're dealing with.
     Yesterday, my companion and I were asked to teach a workshop to the whole zone.  I don't know why we were asked, because we are still kind of the newest missionaries here.  So as it turns out... I had to teach pretty much all of it because my companion is "sick."  So that was a little bit frustrating. Also we taught Lesson 2 two times.  Thats a lot... So yesterday was really busy for us.  I went in to the TE where Brian Messer works, and we did a 30 minute class with him.  It was really helpful and fun to see him.  I learned a lot. 
     Spanish is going pretty good.  Our teachers have stopped speaking english so it is hard, but it helps a lot.  We have to teach the Lesson 2 again tonight. Thats always stressful.  But it usually goes well. 
     Our branch president challenged us to read the book of Mormon cover to cover before we leave the MTC.  Its going really well. I can't seem to put it down when I start to read it.  I love that book so much.  I just got to Alma today so I'm making pretty good headway. 
     Well i'm pretty much out of things to say... except that I'm over 1/3 of my way through the MTC!
         Con amor,
              Elder Hoddenbach
P.S.  Send more letters and stuff... ever since the other elders left, we don't get any mail...

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