Saturday, October 9, 2010


hey mom and dad,

     How are you?  i'm doing really good i think.  It's been a really hard couple of days.  but things are starting to get better.  my days have been really, really slow, and i feel like i've been here for weeks.  We are learning spanish crazy fast and we get a ton of information stuffed down our throats.  But i'm learning so much.  My companion is elder Richens, the one we met at applebees.  He is sort of weird and I get frustrated but we are getting along just fine.  there are 3 other elders in my district going to cali.  elders mckay and shelley.  elder mckay is from arizona and elder shelley is from fairview.  My comp. and 2 other elders are going to bogota.  the rest of the elders in my district are going to the Dominican republic and they leave in 3 weeks for the mtc down there.
     I talked to elder hancey last night for a bit.  i don't know if he has changed or if I have changed but I really really enjoyed talking to him.  I'm writing a big letter with a lot of details today since i don't have a lot of time. 
     everyone says to make it to sunday and the time starts flying by.  I hope this is true because it is super super slow right now. 
     i just wanted to let you know that i'm doing ok.  you're letter the first day really helped me to forget myself and get to work.  but i miss you and you'll get a letter soon with a lot more details but i'm almost out of time.
     I love so much!!!
              elder corey hoddenbach

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