Monday, January 24, 2011


Dear Family,
Well... this week hasn´t been too incredibly eventful.  Its been good and we are getting close to having some baptisms (well i guess not really... Feb 15.)  But we are working really hard on getting our investigators ready.  If everything goes well with that we could have at least 8 baptisms in one day and as many as 18.  So we are working very very hard for that. 
So one thing that is kind of cool is that we got the numbers of baptisms from the whole mission today.  Turns out that we had the 2nd most baptisms!!!  Thats pretty cool I guess.  It got me super excited to see how things go when i can work my hardest... But right now, im focusing on learning the most that i can, and being as obiedient as i can and just doing my very best.  I have 1 more transfer with Elder Alfonso and then I will have another companion and i will know the area and I can have more say in the work. 
Things with my companion are good.  I really like him as a friend, but i am very frustrated with his work ethic.  We definately aren´t as efficient as we could be.  But as it turns out, from what ive heard, that americans are made the leaders after 3 or 4 transfers... I don´t know how that is possible but i guess it happens quite a bit. 
My american zone leader went home this transfer (after 2 years don´t worry... he was a good missionary).  I really liked him and turned out to make really good friends with him.  But it turns out that we got another american for a zone leader.  So I can still have some communication with my leaders!! But i actually know him already and I really like him.
the language is going really well.  I find that there is a direct correlation to my ability to speak and my happiness.  So I have worked really hard on trying to be happy.  It is not easy, but it is definatley coming.  I can understand a lot and speak a lot.  every week I can see improvment.  I am starting to be able to just speak spanish and not think it in english first.  It is really weird.  It is like there is a switch in my mind that switches the language.  Although I can´t hardly speak english anymore.  I stumble over my words a lot.  Oh and that is why there is probably a lot of errors in my spelling here. 
I can´t beleive how much I have grown so far.  Its only been 4 months (almost...) but I feel like I threw away my old life and started a new one the day I entered the MTC.  it has been the best thing to ever happen to me.  I am so grateful for this experience and the chance I have had to find my relationship with Christ.  It is by far the most important thing I have in my life.  
anyways,  things are good.  we aren´t working as hard as id like, but i try.  I know this is all blabbering this week but next week will be better.  I love you all and I hope you all have a good week.  Thanks for the quotes, they were all very good!  Keep sending them!  (Kristin didn´t send one...) Thanks for pictures too!  Keep sending them!  Thanks for all the letters i will respond next week.

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