Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear Family,

This week has been really good.  I have had some really cool experiences.  Hopefully I can remember the ones that I wanted to share... its always hard to remember when I sit down at the computer.

I went on splits this week with Elder Shelley.  Elder Shelley is the one that was in the MTC with me.  His companion got transferred and it has caused his life to be very hard lately.  Also he is really struggling with spanish.  So I was sent by the district leader (my companion...) to go fix him.  I didn´t really know why he was sending me, but I went.  I quickly learned that he has had a very hard time and his new companion doesn´t want to work.  So I decided we would work our butts off.  They had pretty much run out of investigators, (they had 2...) so we spent most of the day contacting.  I learned so much about contacting and I grew a lot.  Then we had a lesson with one of the investigators and it went really smooth and it was really cool.  Later that night, we were in Elder Shelley´s apartment when we suddenly realized that we hadn´t spoken english all day long.  We had been 2 fluent gringos all day long and we didn´t even realize it.  So just so you all know... the gift of tounges is pretty cool.

Then the next day,  we did the same.  But then something really interesting happened.  We knocked on a door and started our speil, (i think that is how to spell speil...) when the man started bible bashing us...  So what did we do. (I can´t find the question mark on this keyboard...)  We defended our religion.  It was hard but we definatley fought valiently.  Oh and turns out that the man is a pastor from some other christian church.  He was good... But we were better...  

So my companion and I had a fast for one of our investigator families that satan was really fighting for.  The family was literally falling apart.  They had a daughter run away, the parents were going to split up and things were not looking good.  We decided that we weren´t gonna let that happen.  So we held a fast...  This week, we have had the opportunity to see the family come back together.  It was really cool to see that happen.  Now they are all back to normal and are ready and excited for their baptism.

Some other random things that happened this week...  I witnessed a motorcycle crash where the guy on the motorcycle hit a kid who dashed out in the street...  The motorcylce hit the kid but he is fine and the rider has a giant scrape-gash thing on his face and his leg sure looked broken, but they both got up and were fine.     Also, I got proposed to... twice... don´t worry, I said no.

Well, I know there was more to tell but I can´t remember...  Its always good to hear from you all. I hope you all have a good week!  Love you all!


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