Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was so awesome!!!  I absolutely love my mission!!!
We had the baptism of Sandra this week!  It was by far the best day of my mission.  She was definatley ready when we found her, but it has been really cool to see her life change and watch her faith grow.  She bore her testimony in her baptism and she said a lot of really cool things and she told everyone about something she wrote in her Book of Mormon.  She wrote,  March 5th... the day God sent His angels to my house...   It feels really awesome to have really been an instrument in the hands of God.  
We have been working really really hard and finding lots of people.  It is super awesome when our work pays off... 
Today for P day, we got permission from Pres. Bolivar to go to the river Chinchina.   It was super cool.  We went because here in Chinchina, a bunch of members work in the river to collect materials for building.  So we went to go help!  It is tough work, but it is a cool atmosphere to be with all those guys.  I will try to send photos...
I know my letters arent too detailed... but its really hard to write everything I want.  So I am going to try to include some random facts...  The members that give us food, get offended if you dont finish...    Colombia is beautiful and I love it but, there are many problems with sex, drugs, and violence...  dont worry mom, I am safe.     I spoke a bit of english the other day and made a fool of myself...  I am seriously forgetting...    I hate living with 3 other missionaries.   luckily my comp is really cool.  The other 2 are difficult at times. 
Thats all I can think of for now...  I love you all!!!  Have an awesome week!!!
P.S.  i have a favorite quote this week...
Salvation is not a cheap experience...  It cost the best blood this world has ever known.
    Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

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