Monday, April 25, 2011


Dear Family,
Ok...  I have a lot of things to say, i think...  So we´ll see how it goes.  Its really hard to say everything I want.
First of all, my area in Medellin is really cool.  It is super beautiful with trees and plants and beautiful buildings and stuff.  It is fairly wealthy too.  But there are some parts that are super poor.  It rains literally every single day...  and it rains hard!  But the climate is very nice.  A little on the cold side, comparitively to Chinchiná.  Now... I know you have heard about the Drug Cartels.  It is true.  Medellin is full of it.  And don´t freak out... But it is said to be the most dangerous city in Colombia right now.  Things have been escalating and now there are only 2 Americans in all of Medellin.  Me and Elder Farr (Kristin and Kenny know of him...)  And there are like 44 missionaries in the city (because its freaking huge!!!)  We are speculating a little bit that President Bolivar is going to remove us pretty soon... But we don´t know.  But please don´t worry. I am safe and we know the dangerous parts of our area. 
So this is the cause of a small diffuculty in our work here.  We have a new investigator who is ready to be baptized.  But, she lives in the most dangerous part of the city.  Its in a ward called Mano de Dios, which means Hand of God.  And as it seems right now, I cannot enter this area because they don´t like Gringos...  So its looking like we will have to do splits with some members and I won´t have the chance to teach her...  Kinda sad...
If you want to learn more about Medellin and the situations here, you could probably find some news on the Internet. 
Oh and my area is super hard.  We cant really find anyone to baptize and we knock on doors pretty much all day everyday and get rejected all day every day.  It is way different.
Oh and another thing about Medellin is that it is quite literally 70% women...  So we have a shortage of priesthood holders because there aren´t men!!!
So my companion speaks english.  And a lot of people here speak english.  And I think they all think I´m a moron because I can´t speak english with them..  Its so weird.  But I speak dang good Spanglish.
Oh yeah, this week was Semana Santa...  (Holy Week???)  That means that it is a whole week of Holidays and parties and drunk people and high people and Idol worshipping!!!  Cool huh?!?!  Yeah so maybe this week was a bit tougher than usual, but we´ll see.  Oh and I didn´t really realize that it was Easter...  I feel kind of bad about that but its okay because I just happened to study the life of Christ in depth this week. 
Medellin is super Catholic.  Which adds to the difficulty in this area. 
We have this friend.  He´s not really an investigator yet... But he is blind and lives alone.  So we go to help him and talk to him a lot.  His life is super interesting.  He tells us incredible stories.  He knew personally  Pablo Escobar, the most powerful drug lord to ever live.  He tells us stories about him and other way cool things.  (if you don´t know who Pablo is, study it and learn about his hatred towards Gringos and Mormons)
Well thanks for all your letters!  I hope you all have a good week and I love you all!!!
P.S.  I really am safe... Don´t worry! hahaha

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