Monday, May 2, 2011


Dear Family,
I just have to say that I am very happy to know that Osama Bin Laden is dead!!!  Usually I wouldn´t be happy with the death of a person...  but I believe he was an exception!
This week was good.  Not a whole lot happened, but we have had a few experiences. 
First of all, the danger in Medellin is escalating.  We don´t see very much of it, but there are quite a few parts of town that we absolutely can not go...  Apparently the guerilla is supplying local gangs with automatic weapons and grenades and stuff...  The sad part is that it is all for drugs and all gangsters are just kids.  Its really sad to see.  The other day, we were making a call in the street.  I looked at a group of kids who were smoking marijuana.  I was thinking about them a bit because they are a group of kids of about 14 to 18 years old.  Then we were in the house of a member when they told us that we were in the 3rd most dangerous part of Medellin and these kids are the killers...  Don´t worry, I am very safe.  They are scared of us... 
On Wednesday night,  I was the sickest I have ever been in my life.  I was up all night throwing up and almost dying...  It was horrible.  I don´t really know what did it but the symptoms I had are undescribable.  Then at like 5 in the morning, I asked my companion for a blessing and was pretty much healed.  I got to sleep 1 hour and a half and then we went to Zone Conference.  The next day was rough, I was tired and a little bit sick all day.  But Hermana Bolívar took care of me and bought me food and stuff.  I am fine now...  I just have bruised ribs from throwing up...
Well this week was another week of rejection.  We have some good investigators but not enough to keep us busy all day everyday.  So we get a lot of chances to knock on doors.  We have taught a few people who are from various churches.  I don´t know the names of them in english... but we teach them everythings all good and then they say that we are wrong and of the devil and lots of things.  One guy yelled so hard his face turned purple.  And all we said is the name Joseph Smith...  I don´t know why the people here are so hard but every missionary that comes has the same trouble.
Anyway, despite all of this, I love Medellin, it is beautiful and cool and everything.  It has its problems but I don´t care!  I am learning a lot and I think I am getting close to being 100% fluent!
Ok so I am going to call this weekend!  I didn´t know we were so close.  But I have to call on Saturday.  I hope its all good with everyone and I really hope to be able to talk to everyone.  I am not sure what time though...  But Saturday is the day. 
Love you all

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