Monday, May 23, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was pretty good.  Not a whole lot happened...  But the weeks are starting to feel like days.  It really is crazy how fast time goes by. 
So I think I told you on the phone a little bit about an investigator that we are teaching.  She is the one that is going to fix my shirts...  Her name is Isabel.  She is like 70 years old and Catholic.   I think it is safe to say that she has nearly perfect faith.  I love going to her house.  She gives us food, juice, and tells us miraculous stories.  She has had 2 sicknesses that almost killed her.  But through her faith, she was healed!  2 times!  She once was carried by the spirit away from danger.  She always shares really cool stories with us.  Now you may be thinking that she is fooling us... But she isn´t.  But what she has done, is helped me learn and helped my faith grow.  Also, I have learned a valuable lesson...
I have learned that I need to have an open mind about other people´s beliefs and religions.  Why?  I read a quote by Joseph Smith that said that he studied all the books from other religions and that he would have died for any religion or any belief.  So now, I pay more attention to others and their beliefs and I truly have come a lot closer to Christ.  There are only 3 things about our church that is better than the others...  1. It is the Church of Jesus Christ himself.     2.  We have the FULNESS of the Gospel.    3.  We have the ordinances of Salvation.   These things are super important and we know our church to be the only true church.  But that doesn´t give us right to critisize the thoughts and feelings of others.  There is even an Article of Faith about this.  And the quote by Joseph Smith goes on to say that other churches have some correctness and we need to study and learn and discern these things for ourselves.  ¨and by the power of the Holy Ghost, you may know the truth of ALL things.¨   So... we need to have an open mind!
Now part of the reason I am saying this is because we had Ward Council yesterday.  Ward Council here is a freaking joke...  the leaders just laugh and boast at other people.  They are good people and all... But the problem is they are all really young.    They started to critisize our investigators and their beliefs.  It was a circus, and I came out feeling really bothered about all that.  
So that is what I am learning right now...  Not a whole lot new, just the same old danger, rejection, spiritual experiences and stuff.  I realized that I have been gone for like 8 months, and I paniced a bit.  The time is going way to fast...  
Oh and we might have a baptism this week!  We´ll see...
Love you all!  Have an awesome week!
P.S.  sorry for all the spelling errors... I know that I made them, but I don´t remember how to fix them...

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