Monday, June 27, 2011


Dear Family,
So this week I figured out why this area has such a hard time.  As you have probably noticed, we havent baptised in about 3 and a half months...  That is really bad.  Even for this mission.  This mission doesnt baptize a whole lot but its definatley better that what we have seen here.   They always say that success comes through obedience, diligence, etc...  So we have been working our butts off.  We want baptisms!  But yesterday I figured it all out.  We were invited to Ward Council.  So we prepared for it and got everything ready to go.  We got there and it was a circus.   It was the worst meeting I have ever been to.   I learned that the leaders here dont really care about anyone.  They are all really young and inexperienced.  The problem here in this ward is that the leaders dont do anything to strengthen the ward.  They dont do activites and they dont care about the people who are sick.  I am 100% convinced that this is the problem.  I think the Lord is waiting for the ward to fix its problems.  He doenst want to give a wrong impression to investigators that come.  So now we have to be really direct and bold.  Our mission impossible here is to fix the ward.
I have learned how to not fight with my companion...  I simply have to accept everything he says to be true and I cant contend with him at all.  The hard part is that he is wrong almost all the time.  But I have learned that it is way better to submit to what he says than to be mad at him all the time.  Its working now, so we will see how it goes...
President Prince comes this week.  Its gonna be weird but interesting to see what happens.  President Bolivar is already working on transfers.  So they say almost everyone is going to change.  But, we will see.   He is coming to Meddellin to meet us on the 4th of July.
Holy cow!  Its almost the 4th of July!  Happy Birthday America!!!  I guess its in a week or so... but still...  Have a good 4th of July for me everyone!  Go to the cabin or do something real cool!
Last week for Pday,  we pretty much toured Meddellin.  We went on the metro and the metro cable (its like a gondola that goes through the city... cause meddellin is a mountain...)  Then we went to a cemetery and found the grave of Pablo Escobar.  That was cool. 
Well the truth is, I´m about out of things to say.  Have a good week everyone!

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