Monday, July 11, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was awesome!!! I feel like all my hard work here is finally starting to pay off! 
Anderson and his wife (well, future wife...) have progressed a ton.  We have taught them for 1 week and we can already see a huge difference in their lives.  He is by far the best investigator I´ve ever had.  He invited us to go to his house for lunch today.  They are gonna get married on the 15th and baptized on the 23rd.  He said the other day that he wants us to go to his house everyday to teach him!  He is excited to be baptized and I´m excited to baptize him. 
And we have another that wants to get baptized on the 23rd too.  She called us up the other day and said, ¨Hey, come teach me, I want to be baptized!¨  We were pretty surprised because she had already rejected us.
I just hope I´m still here.  Transfers are this week...  I am just praying that God will let me stay here.  I know that if I leave its for a reason, but I desperatley want to be here. 
Oh, this week I had to flip a lid to the members.  I think I told you how the members are really lazy here and stuff including the leaders and stuff.  So I had the chance to talk to the Bishopric about all of the problems..  Now they have assigned me to speak in church.  The Bishop said to speak really directly to the members.  So I´m pretty excited to do it, if i´m still here...
Well sorry for the short letter this week.  Next week will be better.  I promise. 
Love you all!!!


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