Monday, July 18, 2011


Dear Family,
I didn´t get transferred!!!  I think God heard my prayers because almost all of my zone (the biggest zone in the mission) was transferred.  I really wanted to finish what I started here...

Now, you may be asking yourselves what I started here.  I think I mentioned that I had a little talk with the Bishopric here in Belen.  In this little talk with the Bishopric, I had the chance to talk about how we have been abandoned.  No one ever wants to help us, including the leaders.  We don´t have any support.  So I think I touched their hearts with my slightly hard words, because they gave me the opportunity to speak in church.  So the bishop gave me permission to speak very directly.      I spoke yesterday and had a really cool experience because the Spirit was filling my mouth with words.  We can already see a little bit of a difference and we have really high hopes!
So, I finally broke the wild horse!!!  My companion now respects me and actually listens to me.  We almost never have problems and I think he is learning how to have social skills.   So another transfer here should go just fine...
Anderson is really progressing a lot and is really excited to be baptized!  The other day, my companion asked him a very direct question... He asked him how many guerillas he´s killed...  I couldn´t believe he asked that because I imagine it could be a pretty sensative subject. But he opened right up and told us all about his job.  He didn´t tell us a number, but he decribed a lot of really cool things.  It was really interesting to talk to learn all about what he does.   Then we started talking about guns, which I really enjoyed. 
Oh yeah, the subject of this email is the word that I have implemented into my vocabulary this week.  ¨Q´hubo!¨  It is the closest equivalent to, ¨What´s up!¨ that I can find.  Sometimes, words just start jumping into my vocab...
Well thats about it for this week...  Love you all and hope you have a good week!!!

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