Monday, July 4, 2011


Dear Family,
First of all I have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!  It´s kind of weird not to be celebrating the 4th of July like usual...  I love America.  Not to say I don´t love Colombia too, because I do.  A lot.  Its just different. 
All is well here in Colombia.  Its super hot today and we are dying but luckily we aren´t walking the streets today.    There is a huge soccer tournament called  ´la copa america´  going on right now here in South America.  Its in Argentina but Colombia is playing and doing pretty well, so its cool to see.  Not that we get to see it...  But its cool to be in a soccer world.
We are finally starting to find more people.  We found 3 or 4 this week that will probably get baptized.  One of them is someone really cool.  His name is Anderson.  He is in the Colombian Army fighting the guerilla in Southern Columbia/Ecuador.  He is in the most dangerous war zone in South America.  His wife just had a baby this week so he is here for 30 days.  He wants to be baptized and he wants to take the Book of Mormon back to the war so that he can share it with his soldiers.  He is about 28 or so and he is a leader in his unit.  We got to talking and it turns out that he was contracted by the US to go to Iran and Iraq to be trained and to fight.  Then, came back and now has his own special operations unit.    His wife says that almost everyday on the phone she hears gunshots and then he says, ¨sorry, I gotta go...¨  But its cool to talk to him and its cool that he really truly wants the gospel in his life.
President and Sister Prince got to the mission 3 days ago.  It was hard to see Pte. Bolívar leave but it turns out that Pte. Prince is really cool.  He came to Medellin today to meet us.  He has about 6 kids but only 1 is here in the mission.  He still speaks spanish pretty well (he served his mission here in Cali)  and his wife is learning.  Its cool to see because she only ever studied spanish in high school for 1 year but she has so much faith in the gift of tounges that she is already speaking really well.  His daughter doesn´t speak much spanish and so I, being 1 of 2 Americans in all of Medellin, talked to her and helped her quite a bit. All the other missionaries were jealous of me cause she is pretty cute and they couldn´t communicate with her...haha.  She is 19 years old and in August returns to Utah to go to BYU.   But they seem like a really cool family and I´m excited to see how things go here in the mission now. 
Well, I´m about out of things to say...  Have a good week!!!  I love you all!!!

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