Monday, August 15, 2011


Dear Family,
This week went by super fast.  We have been struggling a bit here with the lack of investigators and member support. 
We were finally able to talk to the Bishop...  He had been avoiding us and saying that he was too busy and that we should try again next week.  The truth is that we were pretty sick of hearing that.  But we finally were able to talk to him and superficially fix our problems.  But he told us a few things that really bothered us.  First of all, Pres. Prince told us to ask forgiveness even though we didn´t do anything wrong.  So we did.  He ¨accepted¨ and started to ¨teach¨ us.  We told him that all we want is more member support and he told us that we don´t need it...  He said that in his mission, they had to knock doors all day everyday.  (hey, sounds familiar, right?)  We told him that not only does Preach My Gospel teach us that but it is the focus of our mission president.   It all went relatively peaceful...  But now, he is telling all the members that we can only be in their house for 20 minutes for lunch and that we shouldn´t share a message with them.  Oh and that when we arrive they have to be reading the scriptures until we leave...   The whole situation here is really getting out of hand.
The truth is that not a whole lot more happened this week...  But some odds and ends are that:  Colombia got elimanated in the World Cup they are hosting.  The bats here are HUGE and almost always swoop down close to your head.  Transfers are in about a week.  Its been scorching hot here for like 3 months.  I haven´t sat on a comfortable bed, couch, chair, etc. for almost a year.  Speaking another language, my vocabulary (in english) has enhanced like crazy (for example the word ¨enhance¨,  I never used that word before...).   And, I have eaten rice every day for every meal for almost a year.
Now, to finish,  I want to share a scripture with you.  1 Corithians 2:2,  i don´t know exactly what it says in english, but it more or less says that we shouldn´t teach or preach anything more than the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes we talk about things that don´t really matter.  But Elder Holland says that only our testimony of Him will prevail against the gates of hell.  So how important is it to gain and strengthen our testimony of the most important thing in our lives.
Well, thats all I have to say for now...  I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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