Monday, August 29, 2011


Dear Family,

This week was pretty nuts.   A lot happened so we will see if I can cover it all.  Mom included a list of questions that I will use to guide me in my letter.

1-Did you get your birthday package???????
2-How was your birthday? Did you do anything fun?
3-How was the bus ride to Pasto? I envisioned something out of Romancing the Stone, with a rickety bus and people with chickens in crates.  Dad said that was silly, that Colombia is a civilized country. . .
4-What is your new area like? What about your apartment?
5- How are things with your new companion?
6- We love details about your life.

1.  My birthday package from mom has arrived at the office of the mission.  I will likely get it this week or the next.  Kristin, I havent gotten your package left.  But dont worry, it will probably arrive...

2.  My birthday was fine...  we played soccer, where the other missionaries gave me a cake and tried to smash it in my face...  dont worry, they failed miserably.  But it was sad because it fell on the floor...  Other than that, it was a pretty normal day.  Oh, but our way awesome mission leader here in Pasto gave me a book and cooked for me for 2 days!  He is way awesome and is already a really good friend.

3.  The bus ride to Pasto was pretty cool.  Long, but cool.  I left on tuesday morning at 6:00.  We got in a big huge tour bus and headed for Cali.  Its a long twisty road but 10 hours later, we got to Cali.  I stayed the night in Cali in a big house that the mission has.  It was way cool because I was with about 25 other missionary buddies, including Elder McKay from the MTC.  It was so good to see everybody and have our big family reunion.  And I was given the responsablity to take care of the new americans that came.  then at 4:00 the next morning, I headed to Pasto.  This time in a rickety old bus.  No chickens, but still...  Yeah Colombia is a ¨civilized¨ country.

4.  My new area is the best!  It is a part of pasto called Bachué.  the members are way awesome and they already love me.  Its really cool to be in an area where the church is really strong.  Oh and mom, if you remember, Elder Strahm is here with me in the same zone.   Oh and the apartment is way awesome.  It is huge and has hot water!  Oh and Pasto is freezing cold...  I had to buy a sweater and I wear it everyday...

5.  My new companion is pretty cool.  So far so good.  But I have been sent here to fix him.  Apparently, he fights with all of his companions and he might want to go home.  So Pres. Prince sent me here to figure it all out.  He is Elder Guerrero from Peru.  He has been in the mission for like 15 months but I am senior companion. 

6.  Sorry but thats about it for this week...

Love you all and hope you have a good week.


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