Monday, August 8, 2011


Dear Family,

This week has been good...  Kinda different, but good.  It was the Flower Fair all week.  Which makes things espercially hard to be a missionary.  No one wants to let us in their house and everyone gets drunk...  But the week went by fast so it´s all good.

So mom and dad shared with me a bit of what they learned in a sunday school class with Bishop Edgley.  As I understand it, it was about the culture of the church.  It just so happens that this is a slightly familiar topic here in the mission since President Prince gave a conference all about it.  And now it has become a main focus of our work here in Belen.  Both my companion and I have felt that we have been sent to this ward (both of us being born in the church...) to help in the influence of the culture.  The members are a bit lazy and need a lot of help to know what members of the church really do.  So that really is what we were trying to propose to the ward counsel when the Bishop flipped out.  So we have been working with the members one by one.  Not behind the back of the bishop or anything... maybe just a little bit softer and in a more subtle way.  We are mainly focusing on the fact that the church is not a business that need business men to run it...  or as Elder Holland says it, ¨the church is not a fast food restaurant!¨  It is a church run by Jesus Christ himself and all we really need to run it is love.  And right now, this is our biggest problem.  Our investigators don´t feel extra special when they go to church like they should.   But I really do know that with time, things will change.  They just don´t know how the church works yet...

This week, my missionary tag broke...  I´m not really sure how, but it´s kinda sad.  The tag becomes a part of your body...  now I have to order a new one, but it´s not the same as the first tag I ever had...

It´s been flaming hot here in medellin...   I think I might be a redman when i get home...

Sorry but that´s about all... Love you all and have a great week!


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