Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  We had a lot of things going on and lots of people who came to us and said they wanted to be baptized.  November should be a pretty good month!

We are teaching a soldier again.  He is really cool and he came from Bogotá so he could be baptized.  We taught him once and he said, ¨When can I be baptized?¨  I think it´s almost too easy here in Pasto...  But it really is a blessing to have that.  I think that since we work so hard in other cities without so much success, we get to come to Pasto and get recompensed.

So I think I have mentioned in one of my letters that the people from Pasto have a cute little elven-like accent.   Well it turns out, for saying that, I have been punished with that very cute little elven-like accent...  I don´t know how it happened.  I guess when you are trying to fit into the culture, things start to stick...  Hopefully, it won´t stick with me too long.  It´s cute, but with other peope not me. 

The other day, we saw a picture of Santa Claus with his slay and reindeer (they get prepared early down here).   My companion asked me if the reindeer really could fly...  At first I thought he was joking, but quickly found that he wasn´t.  So I took advantage.   I couldn´t let this opportunity pass.  So I said, ¨Absolutely, it sounds kinda crazy, but they are all over the place in Alaska and Canada and even in the mountains of Utah!¨  I kind of feel bad for lying, but I had to do it!  I thought it was funny.

Last week on Monday, we played soccer with the young men in the ward.  I am getting better...  But I mentioned that these latinos are dead serious about their soccer, right?  Well I experienced it first hand.  A kid hit me pretty hard and I ended up with a big old cut on my leg.  It didn´t hurt too much but its kinda ugly.  Then they couldn´t figure out why I didn´t sit out for the rest of the game (soccer players can be pretty wimpy...).  

Well, it sounds like everyone is doing well up there.  I am always happy to hear from each of you!  and sorry if I can´t write back to everyone...  I´ll try to be better.

I hope you all have a good week!  Love you lots!


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