Monday, October 24, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was pretty interesting.  All went well but sometimes we have weird things happen to us. 
On Monday, after I wrote to you, we headed out to go play soccer.  It had been raining and was super cold.  We got to field and as it all turns out, the owners wouldn´t let us play because we would ¨damage¨ the field.  So we all got in taxis and went to a different field.  It was way far away and while we were driving I sat in the front seat and started to talk to the driver.  So as we are swerving around and driving through pretty run down neighborhoods, he decided to tell me about how dangerous the place was.  As I started to pay more attention to the people (kids...) on the side of the road, I started noticing how every single one was smoking marijuana and had guns in their pants.  He started telling me that the police doesn´t even dare to enter the neighborhood.  Turns out the police are all too scared.    I guess one thing I have learned in my mission is that we are really blessed to live in a place where we don´t have to worry.  I have seen some pretty horrific things and every time I do, I have to thank our Heavenly Father for the life that I (and we) have.  We are so lucky to not only live in a safe place, but to live in a good country with a good government.  I know our country ain´t perfect... but it´s the best the world´s got.  Think about it... Then, count your blessings.
On Wednesday, I had divisions with Elder Vasquez.  He is from Peru and is a pretty cool kid.  I´m usually not the biggest fan of divisions but all went really well.  In the morning we had only 1 appointment and we didn´t have lunch.  So we decided to go buy some things to make lunch for ourselves.  Plus I wanted to learn how to make Peruvian food (supposedly it´s the best in the world... thats what they say at least...).  So we headed out and got everything and went back to the house.  As I put the key in the door and started to turn, the door didn´t open.  The key just spun and spun...  So there we were... hungry, excited to eat, cold, and stuck outside.  So we tried and tried to open it but couldn´t.  So we had to call a locksmith.  He showed up at about 12 00.  He tried and tried to open it but couldn´t.  He called another guy to come help.  Together, they still couldn´t do it.  They called another guy and finally by about 7 30 at night, they had the door open and fixed.  It was so frustrating.  We were starving so we visited only 1 family and then cooked our food. 
Speaking of the food.  Holy cow!  Peruvian food is so dang good!  I´ll have to try and learn some stuff so I can show you when I get back.
All of our investigators are progressing really well and we have a baptism this saturday!  November will also bring quite a few more.  We are pretty excited. 
This week we are supposed to have zone conference with President Prince.  I say that we are ¨supposed to¨ because we are so far away from Cali that it is very hard for him to come.  But, its always cool to hear from him.  And that means that he will most likely bring my package, mom!  (If it has arrived... we never know, do we?)
Anyway, thanks for your letters and support. I always love to hear from each of you.  Love you all and hope you have a great week!

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