Monday, October 3, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was great, wasn´t it?  We got to listen to a Prophet!!!  General Conference was awesome this weekend and I learned so much.  This week was kind of strange because we had lots of stuff going on... President Prince came to town to give a leaders conference.  It´s always really cool to hear from him.  Its cool to see what he is doing with the mission.  We are changing a lot as a mission and we have really high hopes to progress a lot more than we already are.  So due to 2 days of conference with the president and 2 more days of general conference, we didn´t get to work a lot... but we did get to learn a lot.  (I also don´t have too much to share either...)
So, I have some news...  In the month of September, my zone here in Pasto was the best zone of the whole mission!!! We baptized 17!!!  Here in Colombia, thats pretty dang good.  Also, we are one of the smallest zones in the mission...  But wait theres more...  My district, was also the best in the mission!!!  Just my district had 8 baptisms.   So yeah its cool to be able to baptize again.  I´ve missed it.  We have an expected 25 baptisms for october too!

Conference here in Colombia is a little different.  We don´t get to sit on the couch and watch it from the comfort of home... We have to go to the stake center... Its not quite as cool/comfortable, but conference is conference.  One thing that I didn´t like, is that I had to watch it in Spanish...  I don´t like the translations.  It´s not nearly as powerful.  The jokes don´t make sense and you can´t hear the emotion of the speaker.  But you get the message.  But there were lots of cool talks. 
My favorite talk was the talk by Elder Holland in the priesthood session.  He always gives awesome talks.  Also, President Monson always gives really good talks.  He seemed a little different this year...  hes always funny and everything, but seemed a little bit more light hearted.  I really enjoyed every word he said.  Even though I watched in spanish, I could feel the power of every single word he said and my testimony of him grew a lot.
Colombia is getting another temple!!!  I am so happy to hear that.  It was so cool to see/feel the reaction of the people when he announced it.  Everyone was shocked.  I have really realized the importance of temples living in a country where there aren´t temples within 5 minutes from your house... It is a really big deal to have a temple closeby.  Take advantage, family!  Barranquilla is not close to where I am (as mom said, its as far away from me as possible and still be in the same country...) and is not even in my mission, but its cool to see the church progress in the country.
I love you all and hope you have a good week!!!
P.S. Kristin: I killed the cobra with a machete... I cut off its head...   you wanted to know...

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