Monday, November 14, 2011


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  We had some good experiences that are a bit different than normal weeks.

I went on a division with Elder Strahm.  He is the one from kaysville.  It was nice to be able to practice english a little bit and remember cool american stuff.  It was fun.  We worked like normal and everything, but it`s cool to hang out and just enjoy the time.  Sometimes it is really hard to enjoy every second with your companion if he isn`t your best buddy.  Hopefully, I get one who can be a really good friend.  It makes things so much better.

Speaking of which...  My companion, (we have been fairly good friends...) is leaving tomorrow morning.  We have transfers.  I will still be here in Pasto but I don`t know who my comp will be yet.  they will call us tonight to tell us everything.  I sure hope he is a good one (or an american...).  I have always wanted an american companion.  It is way easier to get along with someone who grew up just like you did.  And I don`t mean to bag on the latinos... but americans work way harder...

So we could fully enjoy our last p day together, we called up Elder Strahm and his comp. and headed up the mountain (which is also a volcano...).  I included some pictures of where we went.  It was way cool and pretty much pure jungle.  Hopefully you get the pics.

Earlier this week, we did a service project at the elders quorum presidents house.  It was pretty tough (my comp pooped out haha...).  We dug and carried big old volcanic rocks.  We were pretty tired after, but it was cool cause we saw snakes, tarantulas and all kinds of cool stuff.  Then, to thank us, they gave us cuy!  I included a picture... (the picture is actually of the first one I ate... the second one was better...)

Anyway, this coming week should be interesting.  I`ll keep you posted...

Love you all and hope you have a good week!!!


P.S.   the first 2 pics are of the recent baptism we had.  Alex.
         the third is the cuy.
         the rest (i think) are of our little hike we did today.

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