Monday, January 16, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was a lot better.  Still a little bit slow but we are getting back into things again.  December and the first half of January have not been too easy.

Yesterday we had lunch with a really cool new family that just moved into the ward.  They are from Peru and are really fun to hang out with.  It is cool to have members from a place where the Church is quite a bit more developed.  I think that they will really be able to help the ward out a lot.  They know how the church should be.  And they cook really good Peruvian food.  

The other day, we were walking to an appointment when a really really drunk guy almost hit us with his motorcycle.  He got off and started talking to us.  And crying to us.  It got kinda awkward.  I think he thought we were from the catholic church (which happens quite a lot).  But he was this guy from a nearby town so he had a pretty thick accent (like a southern accent) and he was drunk.  He was almost impossible to understand.  But I felt bad for him because he kind of made a fool of himself.  I am just glad that our Church teaches us to stay away from things like that.  He was the kind of guy that had lost everything because of his drinking problem.  It is sad to see what people do to themselves.  

Time is flying by like crazy.  I am struggling to find things to share with you because I can`t remember what happened this week and what happened last week.  The days are all stuck together and I truly can`t remember what happened.  That is why my letters have been really boring lately.  I will try to do better next week.  For this week, just know that I am doing really good.  We are just trying to get back on track.  We have some good plans and goals for this week so there should be something exciting to share next week.

Love you lots and hope you have a great week!!!


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