Monday, January 9, 2012


Dear Family,
This week was crazier than the last.  It was the week of the Carnival.  I thought that last week was tough but it was nothing compared to this week.  In fact, in the years past, the missionaries couldn`t even leave the house... But this year we had to leave and work every day.  No one was in their houses during the day and at night they were all drunk and partying.  Also, as we walked through the streets, they would throw flour at us.  I don`t really understand why... but they all have big fights with flour all week long.  I guess you could say that we were harrassed for walking around in a shirt and tie.  But it was fine.  It was interesting to see the culture. 
So just a minute ago, I was sitting here reading my emails and there was a little kid playing on his little tricycle here inside.  All of a sudden he stops and gets off the trike and has a really worried face.  He starts running and couldn`t quite make it...  and puked all over the floor.  Pretty gross... but I laughed a little.
So I think I have mentioned this, but my zone leader promised me that he would bring me Mountain Dew from Cali.  He even called me to verify.  So I was all excited and when he got back I called him.  He forgot.   I was kind of bummed.  But maybe one day I will find it and enjoy it.
Well I am sorry again... But that is about it.  I know it is really boring but this week the work should pick up again and I`ll have some more stories for you. 
Love you lots!!! 

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