Monday, February 13, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  I have pretty much enjoyed every minute since I got transfered.

So tuesday morning we headed out.  It was a very long windy road to Cali.  We traveled for about 10 hours in a bus.  It wasn`t quite as uncomfortable as the last one I was in but still... not so fun.  We did have something intresting happen though.  Every hour or so, there would be a big military roadblock.  They would get on and search everyones bags and check IDs and stuff.  Which is kinda awkward when they come across 7 people from different countries... but apparently they were looking for someone.  Probably a guerilla.  

I was excited to get to Cali because we all stay in the same house and get to see old friends and stuff.  But... there were so many transfers that we had to go stay with the assistants and everyone that works in the office.  Lame.  But I was with a buddy of mine who is from the Dominican Republic.  So we just hung out all night.  (It isn`t too easy to sleep during transfers.)

Then, early the next morning, I headed out again.   This time I traveled about 6 hours to Pereira, alone.  Then about an hour and a half to Manizales, alone.  So I got a lot of thinking done.  It was nice to be alone for a change.  And then, at about 2 00, I arrived in Manizales.  It was just like coming home after a long trip.  (not that it is nearly as good as home, but its still cool.)  It was fun to see everything again.  I even passed by Chinchina on the way.  

I took my bags in and we headed out for lunch.  Which, by the way, was delicious.  (I forgot how good the food is up here).  The worst part about my area is that it is a city built on top of a mountain, so when we walk, it is uphill.  Always...  But it is really cool.  A lot of the people remember me from before.  Only this time, I can actually communicate with them.  It feels really good to be in a place like this.  I am really happy with my new area.  

My new companion is also really cool.  We are getting along really well and I have learned that he is the kind of missionary that does what his companion does.  So we will be just fine.  We have lots of investigators and all the members are really cool.  

Oh!  The Mountain Dew experience was wonderful!!!  Sweet nectar of goodness...

So now....  there is big news in la mision colombia cali!   We just got the word today.  In july, our mission is being divided.  They will open la mision colombia medellin!!!  That is all we know for now but it is pretty exciting.  

Well thats pretty much it.  Love you lots and hope you have a great week!!!


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