Monday, February 27, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  I really love my area.  I definately feel like I fit in a lot better here than in any other area.  I guess it has just been really easy to make friends.  It usually takes me about a transfer to get normalized.  Here it took about a week.  Maybe its because I already knew a lot of people here but the members have really been good to me.

A lot happened this week... so I will try to tell it all.  But before I forget... Mom, I got my package!!! Well I got it like 2 weeks ago but I forgot to mention it.  We ate all the goodies in like 3 days.  Thanks!!!

So there is a member here whose name is Luis.  Well he actually goes by the name Talent... because he is really talented.  He knows a lot of stuff.  He is fluent in 12 languages and is learning more and he has memorized the Book of Mormon and The Bible.  He is a genius.  But in the past, he hasn´t gotten along too well with some of the missionaries who have been here. Mostly because they were lazy.  But he has really taken us in.  In fact, everyone is surprised that he gets along with us.  But he offered to call to you by Skype (he knows english...).   So I  think I will give him your skype address and he will give you an update on how I am doing.   He speaks english really well but try to just say words that are in the dictionary.  They can´t quite get a hang of the slang. (don´t tell him i said that)

On tuesday, we had a zone meeting.  So everyone from the zone including the elders from Chinchina had to come.  We got there early and talked to the missionaries from Chinchina and apparently the word has spread that I am back.  So they told me all the people who told them to tell me hi.  They said that I am famous in Chinchina haha.  I was kind of surprised to hear that they remembered me.   But I asked about my converts to see if they are still going to church and they are!  So I am pretty happy about that.  But not as happy as I was to hear that one of my converts, Sandra, is dating my favorite member John Jairo.  He is the one that took us to the river to work.  John Jairo had just gotten out of a messy marriage that his wife ruined and Sandra´s husband died like 7 or 8 years ago.  I always thought they would be perfect for each other...  And she has almost been a member for a year so if they decide to get married, they can go straight to the temple.  
It has been nice to hear about everyone from Chinchina.  I am happy that everyone is doing good.  Hopefully I can go visit pretty soon.  

This week I got a hair cut.  I said that I wanted to do a 2 on the sides and a 3 on top.  Which is what I normally did at home.  Anyway, it turned out to look kind of weird for a couple of days because I am going bald!!!  It actually wasn´t that bad... but it was just a little bit thin right out in the front.  It is looking ok now, but it gave me a little scare.

The other day, there was an earthquake!  It was just a baby one but it was kind of weird.  It happened really early in the morning while we were still sleeping.  The house just started to shake and it lasted for like 30 seconds.  It wasn´t scary or anything but we were kind of confused for a minute.  

What else...?  I am not sure why, but the girls here are kind of obsessed with me...  in fact, i got proposed to again... well it was actually more of a command... but it is kind of weird.  Oh and a girl in the branch asked me to give her my eyes...  (because they are green/not dark dark brown). 

Anyway, I hope you have a great week!!! Love you lots!!!

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