Monday, March 12, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was very good.  I really love my area.  We have been working really hard lately to meet the mission goal of  ¨La Nevada¨.  Where we are absolutely bound by our compromiso (look that word up...) to baptize at least 2 people before the 20th of March.  Even while planning for this for a month it has been very difficult.  We have definately been tested pretty hard.  But it looks like our 2 baptisms turned into 4 yesterday.  So, this Saturday should be a pretty good day.  
So you know that guy I told you about that knows 12 languages and stuff?  Well he also has all the scriptures and every book by the church memorized... Don`t ask me how, but it`s true.  So we were stuggling a bit with an investigator that has a million questions and doubts.  So we took this guy and sat down with her and her family and cleared up every single little question that she had.  It was absolutely incredible to see this guy work.  He would quote scriptures right and left and say, ¨on page 524 of the book of mormon in the second column in verse 4...¨ It was unbelievable.  Now, she is ready to be baptized... We just have to get her married this week... 

Today, we have our interviews with President Prince.  Then, tomorrow, we have zone conference.  I am always pretty excited but this time I am a little worried because it means that we have about 2 days less to work this week.  And we have a ton that we need to do this week.  So on Wednesday, we have to throw it in gear and go non stop til next P-day.  I am not quite sure how we will do it...  But it will be allright...  

I know I said I would send pictures...  But you`ll have to wait til next week.  A lot is happening this week anyway so it`ll be way more interesting.

Something cool that is happening is that the branch pres of my area is giving us tons of opportunities to help in the branch.  Lots of times, the leaders don`t want any help and then they just fail... so we are excited to help out a bit.  He asked us yesterday to teach a leaders training meeting.  I think that if I am able to stay here for a while I will be able to help a lot in turning the branch into a ward.  

Well thats pretty much it.  I wish I could show you the experiences I am having here but I guess for now you have to deal with just words to describe the awesome things that happen to me...   Love you all!!!  Have a great week!!!


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