Monday, March 19, 2012


Dear Family,
This week was really really good.   I think I mentioned that we were going to have a few baptisms, right?  Well we did!!!  I have to say that it was pretty much the coolest most spiritual baptism I have ever had.  We baptized Sandra and her daughter Karen.  They are really awesome.   Sandra is about 33 years old and Karen is 9.  We are teaching their whole family so they are only the beginning of many baptisms to come.  I included pics of the baptism.  The first pic is the family (part of them at least...)and the second is of my favorite little colombian boy, Alejo. 
So Saturday, we were at the church all day long trying to get everything ready for the baptism.  We found that no one was there to clean the church so we got to work.  I'm pretty sure that it hadn´t been cleaned in a month or more.  So we decided to help out the branch and we cleaned the whole thing... all by ourselves.  Its not easy.  You can´t just vacuum the carpet.  You have to sweep the tile in the whole church, and then you have to mop it too.  It took us from about 10 00 in the morning until the baptism at 5 00 to get it all ready (with the lunch break of course).  But by 5 00, the church was skeaky clean and it made for an awesome baptismal service.  I was the speaker and it went really well (they like my accent here haha).  But I was really pleased by how it all went. 
Well now I will jump back in time to Monday night...  After I wrote to you, we headed over to our interviews with President Prince.  We didn´t have much time... but it went really well.  I was glad to be able to talk to him.  I told him that I wanted to finish the mission in my current area...  he said he would ask the Lord (I sure hope he says yes...).  Then we had a big fireside with President Prince.  The whole district was invited... which means that I got to see ALL my friends and converts from Chinchiná!!!  I can´t even describe how happy I was.  I was one of the happiest days of my mission.  I saw that almost all of my converts are still active and that some of the investigators that I had got baptized soon after my departure.  It was a pretty good day.  The only bad thing was that I forgot my camera...  I didn´t realize we had a big activity with all the members.  At least I get another chance during General Conference.
Then on Tuesday, we had Zone Conference.  We had to go all the way to Pereira to meet with 2 other zones for the conference but all went really well.   It was nice to see all the buddies and companions.  All of my companions that are still in the mission were there...
This week was one of the busiest weeks of my life... but it was really good.  I remembered a lot this week a picture I saw in the MTC.  It was of Superman pulling open his suit and showing a white shirt and tie with a missionary tag.  I have pretty much felt like that all week.  We did an impossible amount of things this week and it felt pretty good.  I am still not sure how we did it, but we did. 
Well I hope you all have a great week!!! I love you all!!!

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