Monday, March 26, 2012


Dear Family,

This week has been really good/very interesting...  On monday night, after I wrote to you and everything, we got a call from the zone leaders to tell us that we had transfers...  We were kind of sad about that because things have just been going so well that we didn`t want things to change.  My companion got sent to Medellin and my new companion is Elder Chicoma.  He is from Peru and he has been in the mission for 6 weeks... 

So as a result of the transfers, I am finishing the training of my companion.  We are now training with a new program that the church has sent out called the first 12 weeks.  It is basically a more comprehensive training program.  The main difference is that we are in the house until 12 00 studying every single day...  I am not the biggest fan of that.  I am used to leaving at 10 30 and getting right to work.  But I do have the chance to teach a lot of stuff to my new son (we call them our sons... which means that I am his mom...).  But we get along pretty well.  Transfers are always hard but things are going well and I am learning a lot.

My companion is a tongan sized fella... So he weighs about 260 lbs... And he walks SOOOOO slow.  And lets remember that my area his some pretty gigantic hills... I feel bad for the guy because we get to the top of the hills and he is sweating and breathing hard.   But he will get used to them.  Besides, who said the mission was easy?  

One thing that I didn`t really expect was to be teaching everything all by myself.  He doesn`t talk a lot yet, but we are working on that.  I guess thats my job to teach him...

I wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed reading your letters today (I always enjoy your letters...).  But I wanted to say that I feel bad that I am not able to write back very much.  Just know that I love you all and I love your letters.

I still love my area a lot and I hope I can stay here for a long time.  There is a family here that is very very nice and have basically adopted me.  They are really great and I call them my Colombian Family.  They aren`t nearly as great as my real family, but they are really cool.  The mom called me this morning and said, ¨¡Buenos dìas hijo mio norte americano!¨ Which means, ¨Good morning my north american son!¨  They are my favorite family that I have known in Colombia.  But don`t worry... they aren`t nearly as cool as you guys!

Well that`s about it...  This week should be good because of General Conference.  So enjoy it!  I love you all!!!


P.S. Katie, pass the following message to Chloe please...  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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