Monday, April 23, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  I seem to get happier and happier every day...  But things are going very very well.  We have been able to have really high datos (lots of lessons and stuff...) and we are actually in the top of the mission.  I don`t know how we are doing it, but it`s working.  This week we will have 4 more baptisms!!!  

I know I haven`t sent pictures yet but they will come next week.  And I will try to send a lot...  

This week we have worked a lot with the investigators who are getting baptized this coming week.  I don`t think I have ever had any investigators that are so well prepared.  We have been diligent with them and it is paying off.  They will be great leaders one of these days.  

Things with my companion, Elder Chicoma, are going fine.  He is an odd guy though.  He is very tempermental even to the point of being bipolar.  I feel like with every companion I have, there is something like this hidden under the surface.  He also complains more than anyone I have ever met in my life.  I think I understand a little tiny bit of how it must feel to be a parent... I`m sorry for everything.  But I think I am starting to get a hang of his quirks.  It`s not easy but I think I`ve got it handled.  He is also pretty immature... Lots of jokes and comments that a 10-12 year old boy would say.  He is a niño grande...  But I know he is just learning.  He will be a great missionary, I just need to learn more patience...

This week, Pres. Prince came to town.  We had District Conference here in Manizales.  It was one of the best meetings I have ever been to.  But it was nice to see him and hear from him.  I learned a lot.  I also got to see the members from Chinchina in the conference.  It was nice to see them all but I felt bad because there wasn`t time to talk to all of them.  It isn`t so easy having 2 branches full of friends in one conference... But it`s cool because I think they like me...  So I feel really lucky to have so many friends in one place.  There is something very very special about Manizales.  I think I was meant to be here.  I just hope I am meant to be here for much longer.

I think that is about it... The letter is boring again, but next week I will try very hard to make it better.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!


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