Monday, April 9, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was good.  I am really enjoying my time here in Alta Suiza.  I have really made some great friends and I don`t want to be transfered for the rest of my mission... it would make it a lot of time in one area... but yeah I like it here.  

This week we have been working very hard with our investigators who have a batismal date.  Right now we have 5 investigatos to batize this month.  This saturday, we will baptize Omaira and Daniela.  Omaira is the sister of the lady I baptized a few weeks ago, and Daniela is her daughter.  Omaira has always been pretty hard to teach.  She has always been sure about baptism and everything, but she has so many questions.  We usually try to take a few minutes every time to answer her questions.  She also has had a hard time believing in the book of Mormon.  So yesterday, I told her that I would answer ALL her questions.   I felt like she really needed the chance to figure everything out.  As she asked her questions I felt like someone was whispering in my ear the scriptures and all the answers to her questions.  We were able to answer every single question and doubt she had.  And so this saturday, she will be baptized.  

I think I am really loosing all grasp of the english language.  I had a very hard time writing that last paragraph.  So sorry if it doesn`t make any sense...

Well, this week was a special week because I was able to return to Chinchina!!!  We did a desembarco (no idea what that is in english...) where 8 missionaries got together and worked in Chinchina for 2 days.  It was really great to go see everybody.  I was able to see and visit all of my converts.  11 of the 14 are still active and going strong.  The other 3 moved away and is now coming back.  I was very happy to know that most are still going strong.  I don`t know if you remember my convert Sandra but we ate lunch there one day and I was able to chat and catch up.  Her whole family is baptized now and she is one of the best most faithful members.  I felt really lucky to have been the one to find her... even if it was by accident...

This week was also La Semana Santa.  So not only is it Easter, but it is a week long catholic holiday.  Which, like all other holidays in colombia, is not too reverent.  Just lots of drunk people.  

I guess after reading Jack`s email, you probably feel cheated.  He is a very good writer and is able to paint a dang good picture.  I can`t beleive he is already done.   Time is flying by way too fast.   I guess that means I`ll be finishing up here pretty quick... Just so you know... I haven`t been nearly as sick as he has... I may have some pretty good stories, but those will just have to wait.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!  


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