Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was another interesting week...

Things are going fine with my companion.  Still talking to myself a bit, but other than that things are fine.  Sometimes I feel bored when I am with him, but luckily we have really good members that like me and keep me from going insane.  

Next week, we will know what is happening with the new mission.  It looks like if we have transfers next wednesday, we will be in the mission that corresponds with the city we are in.  So everything depends on this transfer.  I have no idea where I will be...  I think I want to be in the Medellin mission (so I can stay in Manizales...).  But we will see.  I am really happy where I am at and after this transfer, I only have 2 transfers left.  I can`t believe how fast time is going by.  Oh and last week, President Prince asked me where I wanted to finish my mission... 

Here in Colombia, there is a TV show that is called Colombia tiene Talento.  It is like America`s got Talent.  But it is extremely popular here.  Well this week a member in my branch won.  I don`t know him very well, but he is blind and he sings and plays the piano.  He won 500,000,000 pesos.  I don`t really know how many dollars it is...  But it is a ton of money here.  But I thought that was cool. 

So I am pretty sure I already told you about the chiva that the family you met on mother`s day has, right?  Well it is basically like a modified jeep that has room for like 15 people.  Yesterday, we went for a quick ride in it and it was super cool.  We went up a big old hill up on the mountain close to Manizales, and we could see the whole city.  I didn`t have my camara but it was really really cool.   

Other than that, not a whole lot more is going on...  So....  have a great week!!!  Love you lots!!!


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