Monday, July 23, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was good.  I think I am all back to normal.  I am really really tired though.   Here in Medellin it is super hot and my area has huge mountains to climb everyday.  So I am pretty tired.  I think my body is wearing out...

Things in my new area are going really good.  We have some really good investigators that will most likely be baptized in August.  They seem to be progressing very well and I am excited to help them along in the coming weeks.  The members are cool and everything so all is well.

I dont remember if I told you already, but my buddy Elder Strahm is my zone leader.  It is super fun.  He has a way awesome companion too.  He is from Arizona and is way funny.    On friday,  Elder Strahm goes home though... he told me he was gonna go visit you guys though.  So I think I will give him our address.  

I just found out that on my birthday, we are going to have a huge mission conference...  because Elder Christofferson is coming!!!!  I am pretty sure it is a birthday present for me...  

I dont really know why, but this week my hip has been bothering me a lot.  I think it is always something that has bothered me a bit, but this week it has hurt a lot.   I think I am just getting old or something...  I think the only way to explain why it hurts is to say that I have been walking for 2 years...

Well I am sorry my letters have been really boring lately.  I am doing good though.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!


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