Monday, August 13, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was really good.  I really like my area and I think it will be a good place to finish...

As it turns out, I will be home in about 2 months.  That is quite soon, by the way.  I cant beleive how fast time is and has gone by.  It seems like yesterday that I started the mission.  This week, for some reason, has haunted me with dreams about going home though.  The other night, I had one that it was my last day in the mission.  I was really sad to be leaving and excited to be home.  It was kind of that feeling where your stomache is all tied up and you feel sick almost.  I guess it will be something like that... we will see.  

Things with the companion are fine.  I am about fed up with the weird things latinos do... but all is well.  I am hoping I will get one more companion and that he will be american.  It is just so much easier to live with someone you can relate to.  I am told the president that it is my last request.  

In my zone there are 4 other americans.  We seem to get along really well and we hang out a lot.  We are doing lots of activities and it is cool to finally have a good sized group of cool americans close by.  Finally I am not the only one around!  

Our zone is practicing a song for when Elder Christofferson comes.  I think we are trying to earn brownie points... but it should be good.  He comes on the 26th for the stakes in Medellin and on the 27th will be with us.   I am pretty sure he is coming especially for my birthday haha.

Well I hope all is going well up there.  I love you lots and hope you have a great week!!!


P.S.  mom, I need the full names and phone numbers of bishop mendenhall and president strong.  I got my release papers and need the info asap.  Thanks!

Oh and by the way...   I WILL BE HOME ON THE 19TH OF OCTOBER!!! 

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