Monday, August 20, 2012


Dear Family,

This week has been good.  The truth is that nowadays, there is not a whole lot to share.  I am having a good time and all, but not too many crazy stories to share.  But things are going really well.  Just teaching a bunch of people and trying to get them to be baptized.  Its not an easy task, but I like doing it.  

On monday, last week, after I wrote to you we went to go play soccer.  We played in my old area in Belen.  It was weird to be back but cool to see it.  I didn´t really get to see anyone, but just where I used to live...  Also, the coolest part is that as it turns out, my first mission president, President Bolívar, works in Belen.  He moved from Bogota to work for the church in Medellin.  So we got to go see him.  I went with Elder Hansen and Elder Wilde.  I guess we are some of the last living missionaries from the era of Pres. Bolívar.  I was really good to see him.  Wierd but cool.  

Elder Hansen and Elder Wilde are the gringos I have been hanging out with lately.  Elder Hansen is from Arizona and Elder Wilde is from Kansas.  They both plan on studying at BYU so we will get to hang out after the mission, which will be cool.  Elder Wilde goes home tomorrow... and it is kind of weird since I met him when I started the mission.  

I guess it is official now... I will be home on the 19th of October!  It seems really weird to be so close.  I feel like I have been here forever just working and at the same time like I just started... It is a weird feeling to be the old one now.  I remember looking up to the ones that were so close to finishing and seeing them as really old and grown up.  I guess thats me now.  I don´t feel like it, but thats me I guess.  

Well I hope you have a great week!!!  I love you all!!!

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