Saturday, August 25, 2012


Dear Family,

This week has been really fun.  I told you about Elder Hansen, right?  Well, he is the one from Arizona and we have gotten to be really good friends.  His companion left last week and has been companion-less ever since.  So I took him in for the week.  We have been together all week long now and it has been way fun.  Transfers are next week... and as it turns out he is leaving to go to another zone in Medellin.  

Speaking of transfers... I get a new companion this week.  He is Elder Smith.  I don´t know him yet, I just hope he is cool. But it will be cool to have an american companion, finally!  My current companion is going to the mission office to work.  It is his first transfer and is pretty sad.

What else....

Well this week we have the conference with Elder Christofferson, which will be really cool.  We just found out that we have to prepare a 10 minute talk and they are going to choose 2 people to give them in front of Elder Christofferson...  I hope it aint me.

The whole mission is coming to Medellin for the conference too.  So we get to see everyone.  I am pretty excited for that.  We usually get into our little gringo group and speak in english.  Then on Tuesday, we are all going to play soccer and have a giant tournament.  It should be pretty fun.

Well, I don´t know of anything else to say.  

Love you lots and hope you have a great week!!!


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