Monday, August 6, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was good.  This letter might be kinda short... but it was a good week.  

First of all, we had a baptism!!!!   A guy named Omar got baptized.  He is a good guy.  He is kinda shy and quiet and stuff,  but he overcame a lot so he could be baptized.  I shouldn´t share too much, but one of the things was that he was a smoker.  We helped him get over it and he was struggling a lot this week, but he did it and got baptized.  Now he is really happy and made a ton of friends in church yesterday.  
Also, I did divisions with a fellow american buddy this week.  Elder Hansen.  He is super funny and its always nice to get away and speak english all day long.  I also like how the people look at us in the streets and busses and stuff.  They just think we are stupid gringos and they start to talk about us.  Also, the little kids look at their moms and say stuff like, mom look 2 gringos...   

I really like my new area.  We have some really good members and investigators and things are going really well.  I figure it´ll be a good area to finish the mission in.  

Well sorry for the short letter but I am out of time and information.

Love you lots and hope you have a great week!!!

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