Monday, September 10, 2012


Dear Family,

This have been going really well.  I love my area and I am really enjoying my companion.  He is a really good guy and we are having a lot of fun.  Today, we are gonna set out on a search of Medellin looking for Taco Bell.  We heard a rumor that it exists so we gonna go look for it.   

We had a baptism!!!  We baptized Sara Henao.  She was super prepared and ready.  She will be a really great convert.  We see her as the future relief society pres.   Funny story from the baptism.  So with both of us being american, we usually get requests to sing in english, so we did. Kind of.  We sung a verse of I need thee every hour in spanish, then we were gonna do one in english then another in spanish.  So we started well.  We got to the first line in english and blanked...  We could not remember the words.  Everyone made fun and laughed and thinks we are dumb cause we don`t remember our own language haha..  but other than that, the baptism went really well.  Sara`s family is now interested in getting baptized.

It is really funny to have an american companion.  You should see how people look at us in the street.  Everyone stares and many have their mouths open.  But, i think one of the funniest things (and also a bit frustrating) is that no one beleives we speak spanish.  They speak really slow and use lots of hand motions.  And then we can rattle off a few lines in spanish and they catch on.  

So I am sorry my letters are lame.  The truth is, I am kind of tired of writing.  I feel like I can just share all my experiences in person here pretty soon.  So, sorry.  I will keep writing, but don`t expect too much.  

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!!


P.S.  I don`t have flight plans yet...  but they say I leave the 19th at like 7 or 8 in the morning.  We go to Miami and Chicago, and then to Salt Lake.  So expect me to be home really really late that night...  

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