Monday, October 15, 2012


Dear Family,
 Well... This is it. I can´t believe it´s here. I have tons of
 mixed emotions but I am really excited to be back. I have had a good
 week. We baptized a lady named Rubiela! It was amazing to be able to
 see her be baptized. It is an amazing story and I will share it in my
 homecoming talk. So be there!
 You may be pleased to know that this week was considerably less
 intense haha. Don´t worry... I am still fine. Just a great story to
 We started the goodbyes yesterday. It´s not easy. They all cried and
 made it pretty tough. I love Colombia, I love Colombians and I
 wouldn´t trade the experience for anything in the world.
 This week will be interesting. Tomorrow is my last day in my area.
 It will be crazy running around trying to say goodbye to everyone. I
 don´t know how I am going to do it. Wednesday I will be with Elder
 Shelley and Elder Kutterer (from the MTC) making the last few errands.
 Friday, I am with the Pres. all day long in interviews and dinner
 and stuff like that. Friday.... I come home. It´s gonna be a crazy
 Just a few notes from this week. We made no-bake cookies... We
 didn´t get jumped by a gang... I said a few goodbyes... We didn´t
 have water or light for 3 days... The mission gave me some parasite
 evacuation pills (tons of fun)... It was a great week!
 I want to take a minute and thank you all for everything. I couldn´t
 have ever done this without your prayers and support. I love you all
 and can´t wait to see you... ON FRIDAY!!!!!
 I know that this church is true. If there is anything that I have
 learned on the mission, it´s that. I know without a single doubt that
 this is true. I love the Lord and I know He loves me. I want to
 continue to help people know this for themselves. I have changed a
 lot on the mission and I think it has been for good. I have grown a
 lot. Still got a long way to go but the mission helped me get
 started. I know I haven´t shared my testimony/spiritual experiences
 very much... But I have had them. Every single one of them has
 shaped my life substantially.
 Thanks again for everything!!! I love you all!!! I will see you on

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