Monday, October 8, 2012


Dear Family,
 This week has been great/very interesting...
 First of all... sorry for the boring letter last week. I think this
 one will be considerably more interesting...
 So, last Monday, after writing to you. After eating lunch we went to
 the center of Medellin to buy some stuff to bring home. We hopped on
 the metro train and headed in there. As the train arrived to a
 station near the center, it stopped and they told us to get out. So
 we did... Then, over the intercom they told us that there was a
 public disturbance going on in the center. We didn`t think too much
 of it (because we are in Medellin...) and decided we would walk to the
 place we wanted to go. We soon realized that everything was closed
 and no one was around. We looked down the street and BOOM! Startled
 but intrigued, we went to take a better look when BOOOOOM! Then people
 start running and screaming. Followed by gunshots. A cop comes over
 to us and asked what we were doing there. Then told us to leave or we
 would get in big trouble (actually he said some pretty strong spanish
 words...). Then BOOOOOOOM and more screaming. So we left.
 Turns out, public disturbance was a huge understatement haha. It was
 a full scale riot. Some protesters were pretty mad about a new
 regulation or something.
 Pretty interesting, huh? But wait! There is more!
 Later, after returning to our area to work, we ate dinner and headed
 on to another appointment we had. So, we hopped on the bus. Now,
 this story might make you worry. So to start out... I just want to
 say that we are fine. We were the only ones on the bus and so we
 decided to take a quick picture out the window. After a few minutes,
 about 3 motorcycles frantically stopped the bus and before we knew
 what was going on, we had been jumped. About 5 or 6 guys had gotten
 on the bus and were yelling at us and demanded all our stuff. They
 started hitting us and beating us and taking our stuff. Then, they
 got off the bus. But they were still blocking us off. After a few
 moments, they got back on and started giving our stuff back.
 Apparently they didn`t want to rob us... they just thought we were
 police or something taking pictures of them. Talk about paranoia...
 We are fine. We were definately protected seeing as how, after
 talking about it together, we hardly felt the hits to our heads. We
 both commented on how they hit like little girls. But, it was super
 interesting to have that kind of experience. So that`s what it is
 like to be ambushed and assaulted by a Medellin gang...
 On the brighter side of things... Conference was amazing. I really
 really liked it a lot. I really tried to see what they were trying to
 tell me, and it worked. I loved every single second of it. I can`t
 wait to read over the talks again. I particularly loved the talks by
 Elder Oaks, Elder Holland, Pres. Uchtdorf, Pres. Eyring, and as
 always, Pres. Monson. It was a great conference.
 I am excited to see you all! I can`t believe the time has almost
 arrived. I love you all and can`t wait to see and hug you all! Have
 a great week!

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