Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear Family,

sorry i didnt get to email when i got here. i was kind of sad about that. things are going pretty good... this is pretty dang hard though. for the first time, i wish i was home right now. this is by far the hardest thing ive ever done. dont worry, im staying... i knew it was supposed to be but i didnt realize how hard it would actually be. i havent been able to relax in a week. I am having some sort of confusion of tounges... I cant seem to speak either language right now.  I havent spoken a full sentence in english for a week also. I think im going crazy. but tomorrow, i am going on splits with an american so that will help. 

My house is tiny and dirty. just imagine the smallest crappiest apartment and mine is worse. the only missionaries in my area is me and my companion. oh yeah i havent seen an american in a week either.  but there are 2 missionaries for the whole area. I am in a little city called chinchinĂ¡. It is a cool little place. lots of people with no morals though... No one can say my name, no one understands me and i cant understand anyone. It is super frustrating. my head is about to explode.  

sorry this is scatterbrained but its exactly what my brain is like. and sorry its kind of somber... im not feeling super good right now and i have a bad attitude so I cant seem to think of anything good to say. Dont feel bad for me either, cause i know i will learn the language and i know things will get better.  

So for now, dont plan on sending letters or packages. just email me. it is super expensive for me to send letters. and it costs over $100 to send a package. so just email me please. maybe take turns writing a big one too. I only have 1 hour to email. Just figure out something that works for you. 

i wish i had more good things to say... the only ones i can think of are that the members are all really nice and all the food is sort of good. They have lunch as their big meal, and when i say big meal, I mean huge meal. And if you dont finish it, they get offended. So pretty much im sick all the time. Oh well. Oh and we have 7 baptisms set up for friday. thats pretty cool. 

anyway, I hope all is going well in the best country in the world. I love and miss you all!


OH I FORGOT. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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