Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Family,
I'm getting out of here!!! It is 100% sure.  I saw my visa today and everything is set to go at 5:00 AM on Monday.  Well except Elder Richens... he hasn't gotten his visa, but it will be here in about a week.  (he is ok with that, so está bien)
It is super weird.  This whole week has been full of doing things for the last time.  Our last general authority devotional, our last p-day, our last time at the temple.  I'm actually gonna miss the MTC.  I'm really excited though.  It is finally real.  I can't hardly believe it! 
This week has been good.  Nothing new has happened though.  I wish I had more to report than I do, but I don't.  Except we actually had a little meeting about health and safety.  It was funny because the guy was like, "You can't eat anything, you can drink anything!"  He pretty much made it sound like we are going to die on our mission.  And then he introduced the water bottle filter thing.  I guess he was on the team that developed it or something.  But he said that we could fill up from any tap, river, or lake, and be perfectly fine.  He said that the filter lasts for like 500 gallons and that it is literally impossible for it to be contaminated.  It was funny because by the end of the meeting, we were all convinced it is the best thing every invented... 
Oh and he kept telling us about other things that his team are working on that were way awesome, and convinces us that we can't live without them.  Then he says, "but they come out next year, so you probably won't get them..."  It was just a funny meeting.  He was this old guy that has no sense of humor too.
But that is pretty much all that happened all week.  We have our last 2 classes with our teachers tomorrow and then a fast sunday.  We are pretty excited for the next big step in our missions.  I'm really excited to see where I will be in 4 days.  It is crazy.
I love being a missionary!!!  I'm super excited to teach real live people.  I know it'll be hard, but I think I'm up for the challenge. 
I'm definately gonna try and call everyone so be ready.  I really hope I can make it work.  It might be kind of early or it might be at about 3 or 4 or so.
Thanks for all the love and support!  I love you all so much.
Thanks for all the letters and everything.  I don´t know my address yet but I´m pretty sure I´ll get to email right when I get to Colombia.
Con Amor,

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