Monday, May 28, 2012


Dear Family,

This week has been quite interesting...

Last Monday, my companion was in one of his moody phases. I was really really tired of it happening so often so I wrote to President Prince. I explained what was going on with him and that I was trying to be really patient. I took a chance by saying that because I knew that if we had a problem, one of us would be transfered next. And since I have been here for about 4 months, I thought it would be me. Well........ on friday, my companion was transfered......... It came as a surprise, seeing as how transfers aren`t until the 13th of June. But now I am here with Elder Mindiola.

Elder Mindiola is from Barranquilla, Colombia. He has been in the mission for 16 months, but in another mission. He was originally assigned to be in Urugauy. He went and spent 16 months there and had problems with his visa and was reassigned to Colombia. He is really really quiet but I thing he will be a good companion. He is so quiet, in fact, that sometimes I ask a question and I don`t hear an answer... so I answer my own questions.

Today, we had interviews with Pres Prince. It was really short, but went well. He asked me where I would like to finish my mission. I told him that I am fine where I am at. He said that it is possible but that it depends on what happens with the mission division. Which, by the way, is driving us nuts down here. They won`t tell us anything!

Also, we had a baptism on Saturday!!! Manuel Posada is 9 years old and is a members son. It went well and he asked me to baptize him. His dad couldn`t do it for some reason, so I accepted. But man alive the water was cold!!!

Well that is about it... I love you lots and hope you have a great week!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012


Dear Family,

This week was pretty good.  Not a whole lot to share this week... but its fine because I don´t have a lot of time to write today.  

Today is a holiday so we are getting together with some of the members to eat lunch.  We are going to make Sancocho.  It is basically just a soup that is very traditional here in Colombia.  But it should be cool.  
Yesterday, I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting.  I chose the topic of Sacrifice and reviewed my notes from a zone conference we had with President Prince.  I think my talk went pretty well but more than anything, I learned a lot. I read in Genesis 22 about Abraham and Isaac.  I learned that the sacrifice that God asked of Abraham was a similitude of God´s sacrifice of his Only Son.  It was very interesting and I was able to compare this chapter with John 3:16.  One thing I thought was really interesting was the attitude of Isaac with his father.  When they headed up the mountain, Isaac says to his dad that they had the knife and everything but they didn´t have anything to sacrifice u.  Abraham responds by saying that God will provide it.  Then Isaac understands and permits it.  He even helps his father.  He, being young and all, could have overtaken his dad.  He could have run away...  But he didn´t.  He knew it was God´s will and like Christ, wanted to do God´s will before anything else.    Then, one of the most interesting parts is when God makes the well known Abrahamic Covenant.  The promise was much greater than the sacrifice.

Anyway, that´s about it for this week.  Next week I will write more...  I hope you all have a great week!!!  I love you lots!!!


Monday, May 14, 2012


Dear Family,

This week`s letter will be short...  

I was very happy to be able to talk to you yesterday.  It is really weird to me that the next time we hear each other`s voices, I will be home...   It was really cool to be able to see how everyone is doing.  

One thing I didn`t mention yesterday, is that we had a zone conference with President Prince this week.  I was really surprised by the amount of information that I took in.  I learned a ton and it was probably the best conference I have been to.  We talked a lot about the Holy Ghost.  President Prince has a way of teaching us things and analyzing (sp?) scriptures that I really like.  I have learned a ton from him.

Well that is about it...  I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Dear Family,

This week.......................... I didn`t get transfered!!!!!!  Monday night, we waited and waited for the phone call to see if we had been transfered or not.  And we were the only ones in all of Manizales that were not transfered!!!  They say it is because we are baptizing a lot and having a lot of success together.   So I have at least another 6 weeks here in Manizales. 

As I mentioned last week (I think), I was pretty sick.  I was sick for a total of 10 days...  I am just now starting to feel better.  So things are all good now.  I don`t know what I had, but it was not too nice.  The only way I was able to get along was by working.  I remembered what Dad used to tell me when I was ¨sick.¨  Just get up and do something and you will feel better.  So I did it and it works.  I don`t know why I never believed it, but it really works.  

Things with my companion are fine.  I am definately learning how to be a parent...  He may be 2 years older than me, but he is just a child.  He is in a stage right now where he thinks he can do everything all alone (which he can`t...).  So I try to let him learn by experience.  He is learning a lot, although he can`t seem to grasp the humility thing.  He gets pretty proud sometimes.  I am trying to figure out how to fix this problem, so we will see how things go this week.

I still love my area and things just seem to get better and better.  We are still leading the mission and the President has been very happy with the work we are doing.  And the other missionaries are all jealous and can`t figure out how we are doing it haha.

I got my packages this week!  Thank you very much for all the sweets!!!

So to answer the most popular question this week.........  I will be able to call this week.  I can call any day between the 13th and the 19th.  Preferibly (sp?) in the daytime hours..    So I need you to figure out what day and what time and email me before wednesday.  On wednesday I will check my email and make the plans.  So don`t forget to respond quickly.  And it might only be an hour this time that I can talk....

Well I think this is everything...  I hope you all have a great week!!!