Monday, March 14, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was really awesome.  (Disclaimer... I don´t have tons of time today but I will do my best to report as much as I can.)
My new companion is super cool.  He is definately weird... but I like him and I have learned so much.  He is from bolivia and has 18 meses in Colombia.  My area was split this transfer and I had to give up all my investigators to the other missionaries.  It was tough and now its tougher because we have to find new ones now...  So we have spent a lot of time contacting.  We door contact a lot.  Usually its not the most effective way but it has really worked.  When they let us in, we teach the Book of Mormon.  It is super cool to teach the Book of Mormon and we have started doing something really cool.   We teach the whole lesson and then at the end we say, ¨so how much do think this book is worth?¨  The first two times they said, oh I don´t know like 20 or 25 mil pesos. (10 or 15 dollars)  But the 3rd time we did it the lady pulled out a bill of 50 thousand pesos and wanted the book.  (25 dollars... yeah its a freaking ton here...)  But then we give it to them for free and they love us.  then we committ them to baptism!  And its working.
Not a whole lot of things very interesting are happening but I am super happy.  We are 100% obedient and I love it.  I love this work so much!
I can´t believe that general conference is so close.  I am way excited for that.  But it means that I am about 1 fourth done with my mission...  It has gone by so fast. 
It sounds like eveyone is doing good and stuff.  Congrats dad with you awards and stuff!  Thats way cool!  And I cant believe what happened with ron.  Thats sad.
I gotta go...  Love you all and hope you all have a good week!

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