Monday, March 21, 2011


Dear Family,

This week was really good but not a lot happened...

We had one really awesome experience that I want to share.  Last Saturday, we were searching for a reference.  We found the house and knocked on the door.  They weren´t there.  In Colombia, all of the houses are conjoined so the lady next door answered and let us in.  She instantly opened up to us and wanted to hear our message.  She accepted the baptismal committment on the first lesson.  In fact, she responded saying, ¨claro!¨ which means (more or less) ¨clearly!¨  and then she said, ¨how can I prepare?¨   It was super cool and so last week we have been working with her a lot.  She has come to activities and to church and everything and is pretty much already a member.

So now I don´t have a lot more to say... so i will tell you something that I think I forgot to tell. 
So the food here...  So the main dish of the day here is lunch.  And when I say main dish, I mean the dish is HUGE!  I remember my first day here... The lady brought out a soup (a very large soup...) and i thought oh its not that much.  Then after eating it and being full.  She brought out the lunch.  It was a plate stuffed full of food in the shape of a mountain!  So my point is that everyday here, lunch is huge.  So I have not felt hungry since the day I came to Colombia...

Also this week I experienced 2 pastimes that I used to enjoy.  1.  Froot Loops.  Holy cow! those are good.   2.  Hot Shower.  I had my first hot shower of 4 months this week!

Well I am doing good and it sounds like you all are doing good to!  Have a good week!


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