Monday, November 21, 2011


Dear Family,

This week was pretty good.  

Well my new companion is Elder Ureta from Chile.  He is pretty cool and we get along pretty well.  People from Chile have kinda crappy spanish with a weird accent so he is kinda tough to understand sometimes.  And its not just me... sometimes I have to decifer (sp?) his language for members and investigators.  But all is going really well and I think we will get along pretty well this transfer.  

Right now, we are spending a lot of time searching for new investigators.  Its always kinda rough when we have to do that.  But it is going well and we are getting to know a lot of new and cool people.  

Speaking of people...  The people here in Pasto are way cool.  I have made lots of friendships.  I definately feel more loved here in Pasto than in any other area I have been in.   Not to mention that fact that I (being a gringo...) am quite popular here.  Here in Colombia, Americans are treated very nicely...  by most people...

In this transfer, almost the whole mission was changed.  From the 16 missionaries in my zone, 9 had transfers and went to other parts.  So now the whole mission is trying to adjust to the new situation.  Its always hard and awkward but its also a good chance to start over and to learn other things.  I have learned that it doesn´t matter who I´m with, whether he be good or bad, cool or weird,  I always learn something.  And, even though it is sometimes hard to remember, I get though it.  

To answer Dustin´s question...  I have no clue who the girl is in one of the pictures I sent....  She wasn´t with us.  I promise.

And to answer the most common question...  The truth is that I have no clue when I will be able to call you all.  I wrote to President Prince today to ask him so I might have the answer next week.  Maybe.

But the good news is that I will be here in Pasto for Christmas.  I am really excited.  Members have already invited us over and mentioned that we might be getting presents.  They all say that Christmas is really cool here too.

Well that is all!  Love you lots!!! Have a good week!


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