Monday, February 14, 2011


Dear Family,
This week has been pretty good.  Pretty hectic, but good.  We have been working really hard in preparation for our baptisms.  We had to change the date to the 25th of Feb. but the families are both ready, they just need to get married.  (oh did i tell you that no one in colombia is married?)  So this friday we have la familia Montes wedding which was paid for by mom and dad (they are really grateful by the way...) , and then next monday or tuesday we have another.  So we are getting really close to bringing 2 really awesome families into the gospel!  I´m really excited.  But we had a heart breaker yesterday...  Ubaldo -the one that wanted to serve a mission and everything- rejected us.  It was super unexpected but on saturday night he told us that he had made a promise to his girlfriend that he would attend her church.  We talked to him a lot and he had told us that he recieved the answer from God that we have the true church.  He was our golden investigator.  But we pretty much ended up telling him that this choice he had to make is not choosing between us and his girlfriend but between God and his girlfriend...  So yesterday, he chose his girlfriend...  Its hard for us, but I read a scripture in D y C that says something like - when you are rejected, shake the dust off of your feet and don´t look back.-  So... now its his call.
Speaking of Doctrina and Covenants,  I finished it this week.  Actually I finished it and the Pearl of Great Price.  Holy cow!!! They are so awesome!!!  I learned so much.  Now, I am reading the Old Testament... Yeah thats right, the Old Testament...  Its hard but kinda cool.
We finally moved!!! We now live in a spacious apartamento and have fresh air from real live windows!!! 
I went on Divisions with my zone leader this week.  Elder Martinez is from Paraguay and is super cool.   It was so fun to serve with him.  Its amazing how much I can learn in just one day with another missionary. 
Speaking of other missionaries... my companion is still fairly disobedient.  I like the guy a lot as a friend, but not so much as a missionary.  Honestly, I can´t quite figure out how we have 7 baptisms this month.  But I figure for now while I am learning, I will be as obedient as I can and work really hard.  Now I am super excited to have a new companion in 3 weeks (mas o menos) because I have a lot of plans on how to change this area and organize it. 
Spanish is going really well.  I finally feel like I am learning it and being able to speak and actually progressing.  But as a side affect, I can´t speak or write english worth a dang..  I can read it but thats about it..
Well I gotta go.  Have a good week!
p.s.  mom i will probably get your package soon.  I can only get mail and packages when someone comes from cali.  Which is once per transfer usually..  (and every transfer.)

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