Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dear Family,

Sorry this didn´t come yesterday...  We had a crazy p day and weren´t able to write.  We have been preparing an activity for the whole district (stake) in Manizales.  So today, I only have 30 minutes to write so this might be short...

This week has been pretty good.  It´s been crazy busy.  I had to go on divisions 2 times with other missonaries and we have been preparing our 7 investigators for baptism.  So yeah we have been working really hard to try to get everything ready for Friday.  

This week is going to be even crazier.  We went to Manizales for the whole day yesterday,  we had district meeting today with the President´s Assistants in Manizales,  tomorrow we have interviews with the President and we are staying in Manizales for the night because we end too late to head back to Chinchina, then on Thursday we have a wedding of one of our investigator families, Friday we have Zone Conference and 7 baptisms, Saturday the activity with the district, and Sunday we speak in church and it is Elder Alfonso´s last sunday.  That probably isn´t everything but this week is gonna be tough.  Oh and this week, Pte. Bolivar is having all the missionaries get up at 6:00am to do extra studies.  But luckily only for this week.  I´m already exhausted...

Last week I got to attend the wedding of the Fma Montes.  It was so cool.  I have taught them my whole mission and finally they are married and ready for baptism.  This is the wedding that Mom and Dad helped pay for.  Thank you so much for your help!  It was such a cool experience to see.  It was in the Notary´s office because it is cheapest there... but it was really cool.  Lots of members came out to support them so it was really cool. 

This week we have another wedding to go to...  Fma Alcaraz. They are super cool and we have overcome lots of really big obstacles with them.  So I am really excited for that.  This is the other family that is getting baptised on Friday.  

Oh, mom I received your package today!  Thank you so much!  I didn´t realize how much I missed American candy...

Despite my very busy week,  I am super excited for it.  My first zone conference, 7 more baptisms, also we have found 3 or 4 new families that we will likely baptize in March.  So things are going pretty well.  But most of all I am itching for the baptisms most.  They are so cool!

I hope everything is going well and that you are all enjoying all of your activities.  It sounds like you all have been pretty busy lately.  Love you all!!!



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