Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear Family,
I made a fool of myself again yesterday...  There is a new guy in the ward here who is visiting from Florida to study here Medellin.  He was born in Colombia but didn´t live here very long.  So he speaks spanish but not very well.  I could see he was struggling so we started to talk in English.  I would be talking and talking and then realize that I hadn´t been speaking in English...  I don´t know why its so hard.  But I´ll get to practice a bit more with him later.  But it feels good to finally be comfortable with the language.  I don´t know if I told you already but here in Medellin, there are many people whose ancestors came from Europe.  So there are lots of white guys.  So sometimes before people really know me, they think I am from Medellin (or Argentina...).  So it feels really good when they compliment me.
Speaking of which... I like to ask people where they think I´m from.  Its funny to hear their answers.  They almost never guess right.  I think they already know that I am a gringo, but they always guess Germany, Holland, Spain, Argentina, Canada, etc...  I don´t quite understand why they guess wrong, but its funny at times.  They also think that I´m 24 years old...
So things with my companion are fine... for now...   We have disagreements and stuff but I think things are getting better.   My foot still hurts a bit but its fine, so don´t worry. 
This week we had our despedida with Pte. Bolívar (when we said goodbye...).  Its sad to see him go.  Both he and his wife said really nice things to me as their last words to me.  He spoke to us for a long time which was way cool.  He taught us something that I really liked.  He was talking about our relationship with Christ.  He said that when we think our relationship is good with Christ, we should step back and look at our lives.  We will probably find that we have problems with our relationships with other people.  Then he said that if we have irrational problems with others, our relationship with Christ is not so good.      I hope that makes sense.  Its hard to translate my spanish thoughts into english...

Not much else to share...  The local soccer team won the national championshìp.  And today we are going to see the grave of Pablo Escobar.
Love you all and hope you have a good week!!!

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