Monday, September 12, 2011


Dear Family,
This week wasn´t too intersesting...  We had some good experiences and everything but, I was sick the whole week.  It´s weird because after almost a year in the mission, I´m just getting sick now...  I don´t really know what has caused it, because Pasto is pretty clean (relatively speaking...).  I´ve just had flu like symtoms for 2 weeks now but it looks like I´m pretty much recovered now.
On Saturday, we had had a baptism.  It was probably the best/coolest baptism I have been a part of in my mission.  The guy´s name is Edinson.  His whole family got baptized about 8 years ago.  He had been working in a little town here close to Pasto.  The problem he had was that he worked in an alcohol factory (or the english equivalent to that...) and really liked to drink with the buddies.   In that time he was spending the nights in a little house alone.  One night, he had a dream where Jesus appeared to him and told him to get baptized.  So as he said in his own words, ¨Jesus told me to, so I had to!¨  He shared his testimony after his baptism and said that he had filled the whole in his life.  He his super excited to go to the temple and get sealed to his family.       I included a picture of him and me and the other is of his family.  Oh and he is one of the funniest guys I know.
Today, we all got together as missionaries and made lunch and went to play soccer.  We invited investigators and members and made two teams.  The first (and the best) was just missionaries and the rest played on the other team.  We played for like 3 hours and we pretty much destroyed them.  It was fun and everything but we are all dead now.  Most of us haven´t played anything for our whole missions and now we are dying.  But it was cool.  (and thats why my letter is a little late...)
All of our investigators are really good and we have 7 investigators who go to church every sunday.  We will be baptizing like crazy here pretty soon.  We have one of the best areas in the whole mission.  Pres Prince wrote to me and said that it sounds like your gonna baptize the whole world.
I finally got my packages from mom and kristin!  I haven´t opened them yet but tonight I will.  Thanks!!! 
All is well here (and cold...)!  I love Pasto and I am blessed to be here.
I love you all and hope you have a good week!


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