Monday, September 26, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was good.  We baptized Javier!!!  It was such a good baptism and he may be my best convert.  He was probably the only investigator I have ever had that put ALL his trust in us.  It turned out really cool because I promised him that if he did that, he could fill every single hole in his life.  And my promise is already fulfilling itself.  It is really amazing to see things like that happen.  He will be an awesome leader in the church someday and it is really satisfying to see him progress.  He is even introducing his friends to us!
Pasto is a really interesting place.  It is a little city, which makes our areas fairly small.  It is the opposite of my area in Belen.  We can walk through the whole area in 10 or 15 min. (Belen we could do it in an hour.)  And not only that, but the people listen to us!  It is the best.  Its the zone that all the missionaries want to go to.  Oh and the members absolutely love us!  It is cool to feel so special...
On Saturday, we did a service project at a little school house.  It is a really cool little place but it is all overgrown and had some problems.  We worked for quite a while there and were able to see a lot of progress.  But most of all, I just thought it was the coolest little school.  It is kind of set back away from town.  The only problem is that there are a lot of creatures that live there.   For example, tarantulas and snakes and stuff...  I saw tarantulas bigger that my hand!  And we saw a cobra!  He was ticked at us too...  And being a school house or the equivalent of an elementary school, we had to kill it...  or I guess I should say I had to kill it.  All the other guys there were too wussy to do it.  But dont worry, the children can now play in peace.
Well, everything is going well here.  October should be a good month.  We have a few baptisms planned and they seem like sure deals.  But, other than that, not a whole lot more to say.  I hope you all have a great week and I love you!
P.S. there are 2 pics of the school and the other is of the baptism.  The guy in the middle is Javier and the other is the Bishop.  And the white guy is me...

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