Monday, September 19, 2011


Dear Family,
This week was pretty good.  Pasto is such an awesome place!  I think it might be the magic place for the missionaries of the Mission Colombia Cali.  It´s crazy because the baptisms just come.  Sometimes we don´t have to do anything.  I already told you about Javier right?  He´s getting baptized this Saturday!!! It´s cool because he is a friend of the Bishop and he just showed up at church one day and now, 3 weeks later, is getting baptized!  I will try to send pictures next week...
I was really grateful for the packages I got!  It was so good to see some american stuff.  We have pretty much eaten everything already... Its sad to see it all go, but it was good while it lasted.  Funny story about the package from Kristin.  Everything came in tact.  Everything but the powdered suger included to make muddy buddies... You might be thinking that it may have caused a problem with them thinking it was cocain...  If you are thinking that, you might be right, but in a different way than you might think.  Now you should know that I don´t know exactly what happened.  But I´ve got a pretty good idea.  It seems as though it did cause a problem, but not a security problem.  It looks like someone (most likely the workers) thought it was cocain, and to make sure, they wanted to give it the test.  It may seem like a weird thing to have happen.  And you are right, it is a weird thing to have happen, in the USA.  To understand this story, you must remember where i am... Colombia...
This week was better health wise.  I am still not back to normal yet.  But I feel a lot better.  I just can´t eat very much.  The food here is good and everything but I am going through a phase where I don´t want to eat it.  Its tough but I imagine I´ll get through it.  But you may be able to understand if I say it is the same thing every day... rice and beans... unless you are in pasto it is rice and potatoes.
Not a whole lot more this week...  I did learn a lot about personal revelation and learned things that I don´t even know how to share...
Have a great week. Love you all!!!

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